Who Has Moral Responsibility and Ethics, Backward When Fail Should Carry the mandate of the people

Who Has Moral Responsibility and Ethics, Backward When Fail Should Carry the mandate of the people


OLEH En Jacob Ereste:
WartaindonesiaNews JAKARTA- There are interesting events in October 2015 month-end, the Governor of Alexandria Hani al-Messirial-Messiri resigned after severe floods killed seven of its citizens. Menriknya this news is not because of the floods and not because the victim seven people who died, but about the resignation of the governor by floods that killed seven of its citizens.

The incident did not happen in Indonesia, our beloved homeland, but in the land there. That occurred in Indonesia just the opposite, namely drought. Although many citizens who died as a result of the long drought, nor is there a single government official who resigned. In fact – because of drought and had no groceries – in our country there are committing suicide, yet does not also make local government officials as well as in central budge. Moreover, no one wants to resign as an expression of the sense of responsibility that is not capable of doing.

Likewise with the smog disaster. The Indonesian government also – despite protracted and make hebih universal to some neighboring countries grumpy – yet no one ever claimed responsibility. Moreover willing to resign over the negligence and indifference to the disaster smoke from burning fields and forests. That happens is impressed on the contrary, all have convincingly took the opportunity to narrow the disaster, if it can not be said to show themselves to be regarded as pahlawab.

The attitude of the Indonesian President Jusuf Kalla was –Jokowi without – seem backward-forward, impressive doubts. Very jumawa initially refused offers of help from neighboring countries who are not only partly responsible, but also have an interest in disaster extinguish the smoke that has claimed many victims and losses. In fact, what is experienced and faced by local governments Alexandria in Egypt was purely a natural disaster.

Several hours before his resignation, the Governor of Alexandria Messiri refer to conditions that occurred in Alexandria as a “natural disaster”, according to al-Ahram Arabic website. In fact, the ativis who participated urged setback Messiri only delivered through social media. Being in Indonesia – despite wave action and protests have repeatedly done – yet as of this writing has not been any record of government officials especially state officials – who boldly declared the most responsible and willing to resign as what Messiri.

The problem Messiri deemed to have failed to improve the drainage system of the city of Alexandria that was already old, because it is hundreds of years old. So unlike in Indonesia, forest burning peat had just entered the treatment program last year. At least during the period of leadership of the New Order regime, but has caused problems for the citizens of the nation – not just limited to local people only – forced and forced to enjoy the air unhealthy

Media release Messiri resignation also reported kora Alexandria flooded conditions due to heavy rain on Sunday morning (October 27, 2014). That is, the resignation Messiri spontaneous – not linger like waiting for a wave of actions and protests that occurred in Indonesia. That is, awareness and recognition of guilt for such foreign official Messiri was really amazing and more respectable.

The problem is, could the culture of shame and sense of responsibility sort of what happened and acted Messiri it will happen also in Indonesia? Alternatively, a sort of alertness of President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi who immediately held an emergency meeting along with his Cabinet on the following day, Monday, October 28, 2015 to discuss the flooding that occurred in Alexandria.

Overview responsiveness of government dikendlikan by President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi by getting all the cabinet that leads to immediately provide assistance to people affected by the floods, as if into a dream for the people of Indonesia in Borneo and Sumatra and the surrounding area to obtain real help of the policies of President Jokowi, because to this day form this committee and the committee that prepared the new or the like, while the victim was lying, including orang-utan is more helpless than the humans around him.

President Messiri directly promised compensation to the communities who have lost their family members in this flood. Flooding that has sparked public anger that the military government considers that Sissi has failed, simply because the government does not do enough preparation to welcome the rainy season and there are many other problems that have not been handled although there have been repeated for several years.

A similar incident in Alexandria was exactly ama as happened in our country model. Because it happened repeatedly. Then why the government did not immediately anticipate land and forest fires anticipate example by making wells on land and forests to be used as a source of water to extinguish the fire that mebara when there is a fire?

Likewise, drought struck swah farmland and farmers in Indonesia, can be anticipated to provide a number of water sources in the form of wells that can be used at any time when water is needed. Government can facilitate also the source of water from wells that are made on farms and plantations or forests and peatlands with a generator – power plants – ready for use whenever needed.

Attitude emergency response such as this can also be done together with Members of the TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces), which can be reserved energy to it, but still have to obtain a proper appreciation, not just as a free employed. For members of the military who want to work voluntarily it must be understood not specifically prepared to do the work of an emergency nature as it is. ***

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